Fungal skin infections can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. With India’s hot humid weather, we are all more prone to such conditions. Antifungal powder is a hassle-free remedy for the problem and offers you instant relief from the itchiness and protection against further spread of the infection. So how do they work?

What Is An Antifungal Powder?

Topical antifungal remedies come in various forms – as gels, ointments, creams, sprays, shampoos, as well as in the form of dusting powders. Depending on the intended use, they may be applied directly to your hair, nails, skin, etc. Antifungal powders, like other antifungal remedies, are designed to halt the growth of fungus and to prevent it from flourishing.

How Antifungal Powder Helps With Skin Infections

Antifungal powders for skin problems contain antifungal agents that interfere with the replication of the fungus and/or kill the fungi. For instance, they may act by destroying the cell membrane of the fungus.

Dusting powders also help dry up the area they are applied to, creating an environment inhospitable for fungal growth.

Such powders can help with treating a variety of fungal skin infections including athlete’s foot, sweat rash, nappy rash, and ringworm. Meant for external use, you need to use them regularly for the duration suggested by your doctor.

Which Are The Best Antifungals Powders in India?

When it comes to antifungal powders, Clocip Dusting Powder is a reliable choice. Just sprinkle it onto the affected area. It will offer immediate relief from the itchiness and also stop the fungal cell growth. If you have been experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort due to the fungal infection, Clocip Dusting Powder will even help with that problem. This antifungal powder also prevents a recurrence of the problem if used properly.

The Clocip range has some of the most effective antifungal treatments in India including Cloclip ointment, among the best creams for fungal infections. These highly recommended antifungal creams for ringworm and other fungal skin infections are widely available and easy-to-use. Use the cream in combination with the antifungal powder or on its own, as needed.

Make Your Antifungal Powder Work Better!

For best results, ensure you keep the affected area clean and dry. Moisture build-up from sweat or humidity or residual moisture after your bath can worsen the problem as fungi thrive in warm and moist environments. Always wash and dry your hands properly both before and after applying the antifungal dusting powder. Follow other tips and lifestyle changes that help to control fungal skin infections.

For more severe fungal infections, your doctor can help supplement this antifungal remedy with prescription medication or other treatment.

Clocip antifungal powder gives you relief from skin infections so that you don’t have to deal with the annoyance and discomfort anymore. Available at your nearest pharmacy online and offline.

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