Fungal skin infections are fairly common but can be a little uncomfortable. So how do you treat this annoying problem? We round up your options – from treatment with antifungal cream and antifungal powder, to simple remedies that can stop the problem in its tracks.

Fungal Infection Home Remedies

Fungal infections thrive in moist and warm parts of the body that tend to be more sweaty/damp or aren’t directly exposed to the air. Your feet and groin area as well as folds of the skin are particularly prone. Here are some ways to ease the problem and prevent recurrence.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that let your skin ‘breathe’, especially around the affected area.
  • Ensure you dry off well after baths and keep the skin dry.
  • Use a fresh, clean, and dry towel to dry the affected area.
  • If you have athlete’s foot/fungal infection of the feet:
    • Keep your feet clean and change your socks more often. Use shoes that allow your feet to breathe. 
    • Dry your feet properly whenever they get wet and after baths/showers. 
    • Avoid using the same pair of shoes two days in a row. 
    • Never walk barefoot in any public baths, locker rooms, gyms, washrooms, and swimming pools
    • Never wear tight-fitting shoes.
    • Clip your toenails often, cutting them across. If some nails appear to have a fungal infection, use a separate pair of nail clippers on those to prevent it from spreading to other nails.
  • Avoid sharing your towels, clothing, shoes, and even bedsheets with anyone else.
  • Consume more probiotic foods like dahi/yogurt in your diet to introduce more “good bacteria” into your body to battle against these infection-causing microbes and fungi.
  • There are also natural antifungal agents like tea tree oil(diluted with coconut oil) and apple cider vinegar(diluted with water) that can be used for some kinds of fungal infections – do check with your doctor for remedies best suited for your problem.

Fungal Infection Treatment

Fungal infections can leave your skin discolored, scaly, reddish tinged, or cause a rash. The affected area also tends to be very itchy. Antifungal cream and antifungal powder can help ease the discomfort and also get to the root of the problem.

Clocip dusting powder is an antifungal agent that is effective against problems like ringworm, athlete’s foot, as well as jock itch. It needs to be sprinkled onto the affected area to provide relief from itching and to stop the growth of fungal cells.

Clocip cream is another convenient topical treatment for fungal infections of the skin. This antifungal cream can be used for nappy rash, sweat rash, as well as athlete’s foot and ringworm.

In case your problem is severe, your doctor may prescribe some prescription medication alongside these antifungal creams and powders.

Get Clocip Cream and Clocip Powder from an online or offline pharmacy. These products are available over-the-counter and offer respite from potentially annoying and uncomfortable fungal infections of the skin.

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