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Clocip KZ Soap - Dual Action Relief for Fungal & Bacterial Skin Infections

Clocip KZ Soap: Dual-Action Relief for Fungal & Bacterial Skin Infections

Clocip KZ antifungal soap & anti-bacterial soap is medicated for mild fungal & bacterial infections. Clocip Ketoconazole & Cetrimide Soap belong to the class of antifungal agents that effectively cure fungal infections and at the same time cure bacterial infection of the skin.

Benefits of Ketoconazole Cetrimide Soap Uses

Reduces itching

Fungal skin infection

Athlete's foot

Jock itch

Tinea Corporis

Why Choose Clocip KZ Soap? How Does this Antifungal Soap Help Fight Infection?

  • Clocip KZ soap is a ketoconazole and cetrimide soap and therefore it is a highly effective antifungal soap.
  • Ketoconazole cetrimide soap uses include arresting the spread of fungi and curing bacterial infections and fungal infections on the skin. Manages skin infection appropriately with the right usage of this soap infection is bound to go away if managed with this medication
  • This cetrimide soap effectively reduces itching, redness, and skin rash, providing a cure for bacterial and fungal skin infections.
  • Fighting the infection from its root and ensuring they do not return, Clocip KZ antifungal soap and anti-bacterial soap will effectively cure fungal infection and bacterial infection. Follow the recommended treatment instructions for long-lasting relief

Precautions for the Antifungal soap & Anti-Bacterial soap

Keep away from children

Incase of eye contact rinse thoroughly

Avoid eye contact

Directions of use

  • Wet the body with water and rub cetrimide soap gently to produce a rich lather
  • Leave the soap for a few minutes and then wash thoroughly with water


How does Clocip Antifungal soap & Anti-Bacterial soap work?

Clocip soap works by killing and stopping the growth and spread of fungi, thereby, clearing the infection and relieving the symptoms.

Can we use Clocip Antifungal soap on the face?

Clocip Antifungal soap are for external use only and should not be swallowed, for best results follow the instructions strictly. It is specifically formulated to treat fungal and bacterial infections, so if the face or neck area is infected apply with care.

Can I use Clocip Antifungal soap daily?

Follow the doctor’s instructions for the most effective management of fungal and bacterial infections, consistent treatment will furnish optimal results.

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